2023 Aesthetic EMPIRE™ Summit
FREE Online Event  |  March 20th-24th, 2023
 30+ Aesthetic Industry Experts Share. . .

The Secrets to Growing & Scaling Your Aesthetic Practice
WITHOUT Burnout or Always Chasing New Patients!

(and YES...even during a recession!)

Learn tips, tools, & strategies to

 revenue, reputation, & repeat business! 

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Are you a medical spa or aesthetic practice owner still struggling to grow your business?

Are you tired of pulling 60+ hour work weeks, missing family milestones, and running yourself into the ground?

By now, you’ve probably encountered the harsh reality that YEARS of training and offering the most innovative treatments are NOT enough to build a stable medical spa or aesthetic practice. 

Maybe you’ve tried to remedy that by throwing $$ at different marketing channels only to be burned by the agency you were working with. Maybe you’ve even invested countless hours into social media or video marketing only to be left feeling like everything you put out goes into a black hole.

If so, don't beat yourself up too much...

You’re certainly not alone.

Frankly, most of the aesthetic practice owners I’ve surveyed don’t have the TIME or desire to constantly put out fires and wear a bunch of “hats.”

If you're feeling overwhelmed by stress and setbacks, keep reading because I'm about to tell you how you can. . .


Finally STOP feeling like an employee in your own business


Work less while MAXIMIZING your team's productivity & PROFITABILITY


MASSIVELY SCALE your aesthetic practice… yes… EVEN during a recession

And best of all. . .

I'm going to show you how all of this is possible for FREE!

Over the last several months, I’ve assembled an all-star roster of over thirty of the world's leading Aesthetic Industry EXPERTS.

I challenged each of them to bring their A-game to the Aesthetic Empire™ Summit’s virtual stage . . .  

And reveal everything you need to know to quickly grow & scale your aesthetic business with maximum profitability and . . . 


WITHOUT working endless hours and wearing all the “hats!”


WITHOUT skimping on quality of care or face-time with patients!


WITHOUT wasting time on social media and marketing that does not get results!


WITHOUT blocking time off on your teams schedule with consultations that are "No-Shows!"

Now, that moment has finally come!

And for a limited time, you have the opportunity to get a FREE front-row seat to all 30+ LIVE online sessions!

You’ll learn proven growth strategies, access business-building templates, and gain practical tips and tools that you can implement right now to not only grow your business, but recession-proof it, and even start building your own aesthetic empire.

I'm sure you've heard the saying "success leaves clues." Well, it's absolutely true. As you watch, you're gonna start noticing these experts have certain patterns in common.

These patterns allowed them to build their own seven and eight-figure businesses.

This is your chance to learn from the best of the best and access their insider tools, tips, and strategies so you can finally take back control of your aesthetic practice, stop feeling like an employee in your own business, and start building your Aesthetic EMPIRE™ TODAY!

Here’s Just a Small Sample of What You’ll Discover. . .

How a simple change in positioning can make your med spa the ONLY option in clients’ minds (in fact, this works for any type of aesthetic practice)


How to prosper & “recession-proof" your practice


 Little-known strategies to stand out on social media and steer your practice toward greater visibility, authority, & profits (even if you’re short on time or hate self-promotion)


How to put together your practice’s own unique membership or subscription-based offers AND make them absolutely irresistible! (use THIS to create recurring revenue and stop having to always chase new clients)


The “lazy” -- but totally ethical -- way to leverage existing products to build authority (and dramatically increase your bottom line at the same time)


5 of the most overlooked things you MUST know before purchasing new equipment (and ultimately save a ton of headaches)


The #1 thing you can add to your marketing to ignite your growth like jet fuel on a bonfire (and allow you to leapfrog past objections, tire-kickers, and your competition)


PLUS, additional revenue streams that practices often overlook (and a whole treasure trove of other secrets to maximize your profits and stand out in even the most CROWDED markets)

Meet your host... 
 April Iannazzone 
The Growth & Profitability Strategist
April and her team helps overachieving aesthetic practice owners who have a big vision for their business and life quickly close the gap from where they are today to their long term goals.

April is founder of Aesthetic EMPIRE™ and the CEO of Med Spa Growth & Profitability - the go to organization for Medical Spa Owners who want to gain an unfair advantage over competitors while scaling up for maximum GROWTH, PROFITS, & IMPACT!
Meet The Experts You'll Be Learning From. . .
Just So You Know This is 100% Worth Your Time, Here's EXACTLY Who Should Attend
First and foremost, this is for Aeshtetic Practice Owners, Practice Managers, or Directors. . .


Experience level doesn't matter.

Whether you're just getting started in the aesthetic space or you have an established medical spa or surgery center and looking to build your authority and tower over your competition using proven strategies and what's working now. . .

And whether you have a ton of time or technical ability (or NOT). . .

 This FREE Aesthetic EMPIRE™ Summit will help. . . 

Medical Spas


Plastic Surgery Centers




Cosmetic Dentists


Any medical practices wanting to offer aesthetics

No practice in the aesthetic space is too big or too small to benefit from this timely info we'll cover, so don't delay. . .

You're Just Moments Away from
Learning Everything You Need to Know to
Build, Grow, & "Recession Proof"
YOUR Aesthetic EMPIRE™

Imagine knowing exactly what's really working in the aesthetic space RIGHT NOW and how you can easily incorporate it into your business.

How much less time . . .stress . . . AND lost profits you could save yourself by removing all the trial and error?

Imagine being able to focus on what you enjoy and are so passionate about again (and spent so much time training for . . .)

How about being able to clearly focus on delivering AMAZING results to your patients to look & feel their absolute BEST, instead of wearing all the "hats" and burning the candle on both ends?

And finally . . .

Imagine how good it will feel to discover new ways to maximize revenue, so your business can continue to grow EVEN during a recession!

All of This (and More) Can be a Reality Once You Attend These Live Trainings, But Space is LIMITED!

Even if you aren't sure you'll be able to attend every session, you can still sign up for free now and see what sessions fit your schedule later.

After all, just ONE idea from ONE session can catapult your practice's profits and help you scale to exciting new heights.

However, once we get started... sorry but that's it.

Registration will be closed and the focus will be on each expert sharing their presentations with those who took action and signed up!

Don't risk spinning your wheels and wondering "what if?" later.

You never know which session will transform your practice & your bank account forever!

Sign up now and get FREE LIVE ACESS to this exclusive GAME-CHANGING event!

See you on the other side!

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